Discover the First Release of CloudGDS!

You can now access the power of Optimization online with the beginning of GDS Estimating's web application. You have access to parts in many of the manufacturer catalogs you are familiar with. You can create your own optimized cut list from catalog parts, or your own parts. Customers with multiple GDS licenses can access and share the same jobs!

Read on or watch the following videos to see how CloudGDS r1 can help you create a quick cut list from any parts you want!

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Be sure to also check out the system requirements.

Create and Save Cut List Jobs

  • The simple straightforward interface makes it easy to manage cut list jobs.
Jobs Screen

Pick a Vendor

  • Select parts from one of the included vendor catalogs!
  • Or just create your own parts on the fly.
Vendor List

Cut Lengths Remembered

  • Cut lengths you enter are remembered and suggested for the next row.
  • Data entry is fast and efficient as can be!
Cut Suggestions

Entry Problems are Flagged

  • Rows with invalid entries, or missing data are flagged.
  • Notice the "Cuts Invalid" message in the top left of this window.
Entering Parts

Expanded List with Problems

  • Part Description and Stock Length info can be shown or hidden.
  • Notice the missing stock length value in this window.
Expanded List

Easily Select Rows to Edit or Delete

  • It is very simple to check a row to either edit or delete it.
  • Notice the orange row at the top to enter new values when multiple rows are selected.
  • The blue row indicates a custom part number.
  • Notice the Copy button above the Delete button. Altering information is quick and easy.
Edit or Delete Items

Dynamic Suggestions Throughout

  • All columns remember entries for a suggestion list later.
  • Default values help speed up entry of similar parts by tabbing through them.
  • Typing characters finds the suggested value in the list.
Cut Suggestions

Quick Reports

  • Easily print any job to a simple to read cut sheet!
  • Also display a scaled graphic report showing cut patterns and drops.
  • Export cut list data to a CSV file for an automated saw stop.
Report Menu

Fabrication Cut Report

  • See this report when the Classic View option is selected.
  • This cut list will also show cuts for multiple color parts in one job!
Classic Report

Scale Summary Cut Report

  • See this report when the Scale View option is selected.
  • This report shows yield of material and a graphical way to see drops!
  • Multiple colors in a job are also shown in this report.
Scale Report

Cloud Hosted

  • Take our app anywhere. Simply log in with your web browser from any computer to edit and create jobs.
  • Your information is securely saved on our server.
  • Release 1 is the cut list program, and more will follow.
  • We will be adding more functionality as we go.